Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hey people..I know it had been a while I didn't post anything, coz i was busy..sorry..well,i went to SMK Subang Jaya's Leo IU a month ago, thought of posting the pictures but didn have the time to do so, and here they are..enjoy..=)

JoanneJoanne n I Pei Pei n I Joyce,Pei Pei n I
JoyceCharmaineJoanne Pei Pei n IPavithran

Thanks for reading


Saturday, January 31, 2009

..::Adorable Kylie::..

Hmm,the Chinese new year's holidays is coming to an end..and I m not really prepared for schools yet..T.T..well, i didn't take any pictures during the new year's celebration back at my home town, but i took some pictures of my cute little cousin, Kylie, when she came over to my house a few days ago..for some of you who don't know, my hometown is in Ipoh..i had a 3days 2 night stay at my grandpa's house..haha..well, here are some pictures of Kylie..enjoy..

This is her trying to take a picture of both of us..(she is holding the camera with my hand below, ready to catch it if it falls..XD}

"CHEEZEEEE""Cheeeese"" C= "
She told me that she wanted to play "twinkle twinkle little star", and she is trying to play it..
Isn't she just adorable?"Smile.."

well,that's all for now..thanks for reading..Cya..=)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

.::1Day trip 2 Melaka::.

We decided to go to Melaka last minute.My dad suggest that we should go to Melaka just 1 day before, and on the next day, surprisingly, my brother woke all of us up a 7, instate of me waking him up.haha..

so..Melaka, i m cumin..XD

2hours in the car and we are finally dad was a little lost but thank God that we hav a map.We visited many places and here are some pictures to show..




Christ Church Melaka

Hang Li Poh well

Now, get ready for a cowboy show






Before we head back to KL, we went to a beach,then we had Chicken Rice Ball for dinner,not much difference compare to the normal chicken rice though,its just shaped like a fish ball..haha..(my mum thougt it was a fish ball when she 1st saw she picture..XD)

we enjoyed our time there and we finally reach home at 10pm..

well, thats all for today.thanks for reading..

Monday, December 22, 2008


As i have promised, here re some photos...=D

Mr. n Mrs Cow..


..Josephine, Nicole and I..

Isabelle n I..^^

My roommates..=D


1of d dogs there.(can't rmb its name..oopS)

Alvin, me n JuJu..=)

Crystal, Jsephine,Nicole n I..

well,thats a for today,coz i'm pretty tired now..thanks for readin btw, although it seems pretty boring...haha..niteX..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

* 1st Post *

Again, i created a new account..haha..wonder how long would it last until i forget my password or whatever it takes to sign in..haha..umm..its my 1st post, so i dun relly have anything much to write..n i need "experts" to help me with blogging as well..haha..hmm..i came back from FCT's youth camp few days ago..and will upload some photos i took other time when i sign in next time..